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Schools in Great Britain and in Russia
 Russian children go to school at the age of 7. It is the primary school. At the primary school they learn to read, to write and to count.
In Russia school begins on the first of September. Most of Russian children have classes five days a week. But there are some schools where children have classes six days a week.
In Russia children leave school at the age of seventeen.
Russian children get marks: "5” – excellent, "4” – good, "3” – satisfactory and "2” – unsatisfactory.
Russian children have holidays in autumn, winter, spring and summer. The longest holidays are in summer, winter holidays are longer than our autumn holidays.
English children go to school at the age of 5.
In Great Britain school begins on the first of September, if the first of September is not Monday. English children have classes five days a week. They don’t have classes on Saturday and Sunday. English children are at school from 9 o’clock in the morning till half past four in the afternoon.
They have holidays three times a year: in winter, in spring and in summer.
English children get such marks: "A” – very good, "B” – good, "C” – satisfactory, "D” – unsatisfactory.
 At the age of five English children go to infant schools. In the infant school children spend much time outdoors. They play different games, run, jump and play a lot. Their classes are informal. They often sit on the floor and listen to their teacher. Teachers usually read fairytales to them. The pupils also learn how to read, count and write.
At the age of seven English children go to junior schools. They are more formal than infant schools. Pupils sit in rows and follow a regular timetable. Their subjects are English, Maths, Nature Study, Geography, Art, Music, P.E., Religion and others. In some schools they wear uniform.
English children leave school at the age of 16.
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