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Pets and Other Animals
People all over the world like to keep animals as pets in their homes. English people like animals very much. Lots of families in Great Britain have got one or more pets.
Dogs are their favourite pets. The second favourite are cats.
And the third favourite is a bird - budgie. A budgie is a little bird, it's a kind of parrot.
The English take good care of their pets. They give their pets nice food to eat. The English are great pet lovers.
We also love pets. All boys and girls are fond of pets. If you treat them kindly, they become friendly and make you happy.
A dog is the most friendly of all pets. We teach the dog to answer to his name, to understand us and to help us. If I had a dog, I would take him for a walk, I would give him two good meals a day, I would clean and wash him. Dogs enjoy meat and bones.
I have got a cat. Her name is Murka. She likes milk to drink and fish to eat. She likes when I pat her. I take care of my cat and play with her.
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I like it!)))

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